Anti-Ageing Carrot Face Mask That Is Better Than Botox

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The busy modern lifestyle can take a toll on the whole body weather you like it or not. In those moments it is important to remember that it is within out power to make the best of what we have including the food we consume during those busy days and how much we take care of the body.

Sometimes the fatigue and tiredness can manifest on our face as eye bags, wrinkles and so on. you can easily get rid of these symptoms by using this homemade natural mask that will treat many issues on the skin and rejuvenate it and energize it.


  • 1 tablespoon of sour cream
  • 5 tablespoons of fresh carrot juice
  • 1 tablespoon of cornstarch
  • 400ml water


First, mix the tablespoon of cornstarch with ½ cup of water. Once you do that boil 400ml of water and once it boils bring it on low heat and mix in the cornstarch inside it. mix and stir until the mixture becomes thicker and thicker.

Once this happens remove it from heat and let it cool down. After it does, add in the sour cream and carrot juice and mix everything well. The face mask is ready and it can work even better than botox.

Apply the mask on clean skin and let it work for 25-30 minutes. After this period of time rinse the skin with cool water and put on your favorite cream or moisturizer. Keep the remaining part of the mask in the refrigerator and use this mask 3 days in a row.

This recipe will yield just enough for that. If you need some more always make a fresh batch.

After 3 days of treatment you skin will be energized, rejuvenated, smoother, softer and more flexible and elastic. This will prevent any damage to the skin, wrinkles or any environmental effects. It will keep the skin hydrated and give you amazing skin benefits!

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