Benefits For Eating 3 Dates A Day! Here’s What You Need To Know!

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Eating dates can be really beneficial for our body and health. They are very helpful for constipation, digestive issues, heart problems, anemia, abdominal cancer, diarrhea, sexual dysfunction and many other problems.

The dates are also beneficial if you like to lower your weight as well. They are rich in vitamins, fibers and minerals which are required for having the right digestion. Furthermore, they are the best alternative for the sugar because they include a high amount of natural sugars.

Read the benefits below from consuming 3 dates during the day:

Nutritional value of dates
The dates include a lot of vitamins and minerals. They are rich in sugar, fiber and energy. Additionally, they include phosphorus, iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc and potassium. Their vitamin material contains riboflavin, thiamin, niacin, vitamin A and K and folate.

Rich In Iron
Dates are very beneficial for the anemic people because they have an iron content. They are helpful for increasing the energy and strength and also for lowering the feeling of laziness and exhaustion. It is known that 10% of the suggested dose of iron is included in 100g of dates. The iron is essential for our health because it is carrying the oxygen to the blood and it is especially significant for the children and the pregnant women.

Bone Health And Strength
The dates include minerals which are important for the health of our bones. They are helpful for fighting against some illness such as the osteoporosis. They are providing us with healthy bone development and firmness, especially for the people that are getting older which means that their bones are starting to be weaker because of the bigger level of selenium, copper and manganese.

Plentiful In Eye Vitamins
They are called “Eye vitamins” because they are important for the health of our vision, including the eye retina and macula because they are keeping them safe and they are preventing the damage, in order for your vision to be improved. These “eye vitamins” include lutein and zeaxantine, which are very helpful for the older people; however, they are suggested for every age as well.

Ripe dates include potassium and they are very beneficial for treating diarrhea because they are very easy to be absorbed. They are providing a normal function of the excretory system because the fiber is relieving the diarrhea.

Help Constipation
Because the dates can be easily absorbed, they are beneficial for relieving the constipation as well. You should put several dates in a glass of water and then leave them like that during the night. After that, you need to drink the water the next morning because it works like a natural laxative. It will help you to remove the toxins from your organism and also improve the health of the intestines. 100 grams of dates include of 8.5 grams of fiber which is enough for having a normal digestion.

Regulate Weight
If you eat dates on an empty stomach you will regulate the function of the intestines. However, pay attention to consume dates in moderate amount because they are rich in sugars which will make you put on weight. 1 kg of dates includes 3.000 calories.

Healthy Heart
The dates are also very beneficial for the health of our hearth. It is strengthening the weak heart. You should soak a few dates in a glass of water and then squash them in the morning. After that eat them and the potassium they include will lower the danger for of stroke and other conditions that have an effect on our heart.

Reduce Hypertension
5-6 dates include 80mg magnesium which is very beneficial for our blood vessels. According to one study 370mg of magnesium during the day can lower the high blood pressure.

Stroke Prevention
Because they contain a high amount of potassium, the dates are beneficial for improving the health of the nerve system. According to a few studies 400 mg of potassium during the day will decrease the risk for stroke by 40%.

Food For The Brain
The dates are very beneficial for our brain because of the phosphorus material.

Energy Booster
The dates are very helpful if you don’t have enough energy. You can combine them with milk which will give you all of the natural sugars they contain: lactose, glucose and sucrose.

Sexual Weakness
If you combine dates and goat milk you can increase your libido and the total energy. You should leave the dates to stay in the goat milk during the night. After that, put some honey and cardamom in the morning and then consume this mixture.

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