Daily, We Are Consuming the Most Dangerous Ingredient!

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Salt and sugar are believed by most of us to be the most dangerous ingredients in food. However, that is not true. E621, or in other words, sodium glutamate is the most harmful ingredient.

Sodium glutamate is one of the most dangerous additives that we consume daily.

Many restaurants use it to intensify and improve the taste of the food. Additionally, this ingredient may look like sugar or salt because of its white crystalline powder, but it is far from it. Sodium glutamate has nothing to do with the regular salt and sugar.

For what is more, it can cause overeating, increased appetite and in the long run – obesity. Sodium glutamate is a powerful ingredient that can stimulate the cells in the brain according to medical experts. In fact, it can have the same effects as drugs.

The Dangers of Sodium Glutamate

This ingredient can easily penetrate the brain and blood and change the genes that control the taste. The most common foods that contain this compound are: prepared soups, salami, sausage, beer, cans, chips, frankfurters…

The recommended dosage that is considered safe is 1.5g in adults and half a gram in children. However, most of today’s world is using around 200,000 tons per year! In fact, people are experiencing symptoms of overdose, because the consumption rate is so high.

Symptoms of Overdose

Some of the most common symptoms of overdose are: chest pain, dizziness, hormonal imbalance, migraine, nausea, visual disturbances, weakness and many more.

Hence, if you want to avoid these dangerous symptoms, it is highly important to watch out for the food you eat.

History of Sodium Glutamate

Researchers discovered a substance that can improve the taste of food, back in 1907 – Ikeda Kikunae, Japan. However, this compound doesn’t only enhance the flavor of the food, but it can also improve the aroma and taste.

It is perfect for making frozen, canned and fast foods tastier, in fact.

But, the problem is that this popular additive can be exceptionally harmful to the people who eat it. As a result, Americans who consume the most canned food in the world are the ones who are in the highest danger.


The researchers experimented with sodium glutamate in mice, to conclude their findings. At the end of the research, the mice lost their eyesight.

Final Thoughts

It can affect the receptors of the tongue and alter the complete perception of the food. As a result, it can make the food taste delicious. It is important to be aware of all the negative consequences the sodium glutamate can have on the body.

This is what makes us overeat; especially consume more chips, fast food and chocolate. Moreover, the sodium glutamate is a product that can be very beneficial for boosting sales. But, it can be extremely dangerous for our health.

Hence, people should be very careful of the food they eat. In fact, they should always read the labels and be more informed about the packaging of the product. Finally, try to avoid foods that contain this harmful compound.

Try to use natural spices and prepare home-cooked meals Instead of consuming it.

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