Early Warning Signs Of Lung Cancer That You Should Pay Attention To!

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At the beginning, the lung cancer does not manifest some particular symptoms. Actually, according to the statistics in 40% of the patients the cancer is usually diagnosed when it has progressed in the 3-rd stage already.

You cannot see the early stage of lung cancer with chest x-rays. However, the CT scans are more efficient for diagnosing lung cancer. This test should be done by the people who are at age between 55 and 80 and also the people who are active smokers for minimum 15 years.

However, it is also helpful if you are aware about the early signs of the lung cancer and that is why we decided to tell you about 7 of them:

Whistling/ Wheezing
If you notice that you have some whistling or wheezing noises while you are breathing in general, then you need to go to the doctor right away. This can also happen because of many medical conditions that can be benign and that can be cured. This condition may also mean that you have obstructed or inflamed airways.

Shortness of Breath
This is also one of the symptoms for cancer that can result from obstructing or narrowing of the respiratory tracts, or also because of the stored fluid in the chest due to the lung tumors. If you notice that you have a lack of breath when you do simple tasks that you used to do without having any problems, then you should visit your physician right away.

Pain in the Chest, Back Or Shoulders
You should not take for granted the pain in the chest area because it can mean metastasis or irritation of the lymph nodes or the ribs.

Persistent Cough
If you are experiencing chronic cough, then you should pay attention because it may mean lung cancer. However, if the cough stops for a period of 2-3 weeks, then it is only caused from some cold or respiratory infection. However, if you cough out mucus, then go to the doctors immediately in order to make some tests on your lungs and also x-rays. The changes in the coughing can include regular blood, coughing with hoarse and much deeper sound, or coughing up mucous.

Constant Headache
If the lung cancer expends to the brain then that may also trigger headaches. However, not every headache means that there is brain metastasis. Usually, the lung tumor is making pressure on the main vein which is transporting the blood from the upper part of the heart.

Bone Pain
If you are experiencing excess pain in the bones or other part of your body that means that you are affected from some condition and that you have to consult with your doctor.

Weight Loss
The cancer cells drain the energy of our body that was gained from the food we consume. It will provoke fast weight-losing.

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