Parsley Tea to Cure the Swollen Legs

A lot of people have problems with swollen legs these days.

A lot of things can cause swollen legs, such as:

Extreme body weight


Menstrual cycles

Bad blood circulation

This results because there is retention of fluid in the body. Luckily, there is a homemade remedy that treats this issue. The first thing that you can do is to raise the legs and you need to be lying down.

You need to raise the legs 30 cm high in the height along with the heart.

Additionally, the best natural remedy is to drink parsley tea. It will eliminate the fluids that your body does not need.

How to prepare the tea?

You need to chop and mix the roots and the leaves of the parsley. Take 500 ml of water and put five teaspoons of parsley in it. After that you need to put the mixture on heat. You only need five minutes on the oven.

The tea needs to cool down for 20 minutes. After cooling, you need to strain it.

You will have excellent results if you drink the tea about three times a day.

Source: globalhealthcorner

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